About Us

ADICA has been a privately owned and operated trucking and logistics company since 1999. We have extensive expertise in managing, dispatching, and driving shipments of any size. We’re plated to operate in every one of the 48 contiguous United States, with most of our trucks going in and out of the Midwest, the North East, Texas, and Ontario. If it makes good business sense, we’ll send an ADICA truck there. If we can’t send an ADICA truck, we’ll rely on our preferred carriers and ADICA Logistics to manage, track, and deliver your freight.

Industries We Serve

Though more than 75% of our work involves the steel industry, we provide specialized transportation services to a variety of industries, including:

Metal and Heavy Haul


Building Materials


Trade Show


We also offer white glove support as needed.

Our corporate and financial offices are located in Oak Park, Michigan. We also operate a ten-acre terminal site in Taylor, Michigan that houses our operations team and a service and repair shop in Romulus, Michigan.

Our Partners

Close relationships with other companies helps us get you the additional services you need when you need them. As a member of the Eaton Steel family, we are associated with:

For Over 60 years, Oak Park, Michigan-based Eaton Steel has provided Cold Drawn and Hot Rolled Steel and Supply Chain Solutions to our customers. Trust Eaton Steel Bar Company to deliver the steel you need when you need it.

Our processes include:

Quench & Tempering
Precision Saw Cutting and Chamfer
Precision Shearing
OEM Tube Cutting and Chamfer

Titan Metallurgy, based in Oak Park, Michigan is one of the state’s premiere metal testing laboratories. Originally the in-house metallurgical testing laboratory for Eaton Steel, Titan Metallurgy has been an independent laboratory since 2003. Titan Metallurgy provides practical solutions to technical problems, so you can get back to working smoothly.